ESG and SDGs Initiatives

Aiming for a society where people who lead the future believe in their own potential and continue to take on new challenges

Since our founding, we have consistently supported employment and career change for students and young people in their 20s who are at the starting point of their careers.

Resolving society’s employment issues through our business

  • Workers

    Supporting people’s participation in labor and the realization of their desired careers

    Supporting workers to realize their hopes and gain a sense of self-empowerment and happiness

  • Companies

    Supporting companies in securing human resources

    Supporting business operations and corporate growth in terms of recruitment

  • Society

    Supporting the growth of workers and companies to create a society where people can experience affluence

    Contributing to industrial development through appropriate labor mobility
    Contributing to the promotion of innovation and the development of society by creating an environment where labor mobility allows workers to keep taking on new challenges

SDG initiatives

Gakujo Co., Ltd. believes that realizing a sustainable society is necessary to present rich choices to the generations who will be responsible for the future. By conducting ESG-conscious management, we will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are common goals for the international community toward 2030. In this section, we will pick up some of our initiatives.

Helping to build a sustainable global environment

To create future options for generations that will lead the future, we recognize that it is essential to realize a sustainable society. We are working diligently to deal with climate change and protect the environment.

Environmental considerations in office design and operation

We are working to reduce waste by unifying furniture and terminal standards as much as possible. At the head office, which has the largest number of employees, we are promoting the creation of an environmentally friendly office by utilizing reused furniture. We are also using LED lighting in our buildings.

Promoting paperless operations by digitizing contracts, etc.

We have introduced an electronic contract system and a cloud workflow system to digitize various documents such as quotations, contracts, approval documents, and applications for paid leave. According to our calculations, 120 thousand documents are digitized annually, saving about 44 cedar trees and about 614.4kg of CO₂. In addition, since 2023, we have been digitizing booklets distributed to visitors at career events for a reduction of about 0.9 million sheets of paper per year. This is equivalent to 321.4 cedar trees, reducing CO₂ by about 4,500kg.

For the prosperity of people and society

We are engaged in creating employment and contributing to society through our business activities. We will contribute to society by providing workers with as many options as possible.

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

We encourage generations responsible for the future to unleash their own potential and use their own strengths and individuality to help their neighbors and communities. We aim to realize organic connections that shape society through our professions and roles, while recognizing and respecting each other's diversity.

Providing solutions to social issues

We are entrusted with public projects to use the know-how we have accumulated through the provision of employment and career change information and recruitment support. We are contributing to society through social solutions such as employment measures and regional development.

Raising social awareness by sharing the issues workers and employers face.
Communicating the current state of employment and work

Values related to working and jobs are becoming more diverse, and workers and companies need to make their own choices. As a provider of job hunting and career change information, we believe that we have a responsibility to inform society about the changing values in job selection and the current state of the recruitment market. So we conduct research and surveys on employment issues and the interests of workers, and disseminate them widely to the world.

To be a company trusted by stakeholders

We are developing our business with the aim of creating a company that is useful to society through our work. We are working to create a fair management system for sound growth. Based on our basic philosophy and management philosophy, we will develop an internal control system, including thorough compliance education, and conduct sound and fair management.